HIPERGRIP™ with Texture

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  • HIPERGRIP™ T, High Performance MSR Pistol Grip
  • Truly Ergonomic for Superior Rifle Control
  • Black, Scuffed Surface Texture for Grip Traction

Ergonomic Benefits

  • Natural Pointer
  • Ensures Stable/Correct Anatomical Wrist Structure
  • Trigger Finger Placement Is Natural and Relaxed
  • Hands Clasping Arches Are Fully Engaged for Control
  • Grip Pressure Is Firm and Uniform w/ Less Effort

Standard Benefits

  • Fits AR15/10 M4/16 Form Factors
  • Safety/Selector Protected by Ridges
  • Ambi Safety/Selector Ready
  • User Modifiable Shape Using Abrasive Tools
  • Kit Includes Grip Screw and Washer
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HIPERGRIP™ with Texture

Additional information

Weight .23 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 in


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