We make our products so that the people that serve our country and community have the tools to get home at the end of the day.  We make our products for hunters so we can hear their stories of their once in a lifetime hunt.  We make our products for the competitors to take glory in their wins knowing their gear did not fail them.  We make our products so the everyday person can enjoy the shooting sports and have the tools to protect themselves and their families.  This is why in 2013 Wade Wilson and his family founded Obsidian Arms and brought their first part to market in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  From the beginning, great care has been taken in the manufacturing and assembling of our products because we pride ourselves in creating products that look fantastic and function at the highest level.  To meet our high standards, we use raw materials produced in the USA for our Minnesota based manufacturing.  When sourcing parts that we do not make ourselves, we look to other local companies that also share our vision of making high quality products.  The excitement of creating that first part and showing the rest of the world, still rings true with every product that is made today.

Wade Wilson
Wade WilsonOwner
From a young age I have always had a passion for firearms. That lead me to getting a degree in Gun Smithing in the late 1970’s. The gun industry was very different than it is today. Not being able to support myself with gun smith work, I went to work in a machine shop. It opened my eyes to other opportunities in that industry. By 1982, I earned a degree in Tool & Die to become a machinist. In 1992, I decided to go into business for myself by purchasing my first machine and working at home in my garage. We still have that same Bridgeport on our machine shop floor today. I have always had a deep admiration for our Military and Law Enforcement. I dreamed of making products to help them do their job and have them come home to their families. I also wanted the public to have that same quality and dependability to protect their families and have fun in the shooting sports. After over 20 years of owning a successful machine shop, I was able to start a business with my passion… make firearms!
Pat Wilson
Pat WilsonOwner
Since 1973 when Wade and I started dating, he has taught me so much about firearms for target practice, hunting, and competitive shooting. So in 2013, there was a lot of excitement when we decided to start a firearms business. My passion for these sports and our business comes from supporting Wade, meeting new people and making new friends. In 2014, I retired from a corporate job and was able to pursue this passion by running company operations for Obsidian Arms. I pride myself in the quality products that we make and great customer service that we provide. I enjoy getting phone calls, emails and even pictures from happy customers across the US. That tells me we are doing a good job!
Eric Wilson
Eric WilsonVice President
I started shooting when I was five years old, plinking steel and punching holes in paper. Since then I have competed in many different shooting sports as well as hunted throughout the Midwest. My professional career has revolved around customer support and providing solutions to complex problems and I want to bring that expertise to Obsidian Arms. I am here because I want to create useful products that our customers are excited about. Whether it be their coolest new accessory that gave them a competitive edge or a tool that was perfect for the job and made the work they were doing easier.