Christi Conner Tate
Christi Conner TateShooter
I am 57 years old and I’ve been shooting 3-Gun for three years. I live in the mountains of North Georgia with my husband Mike and our bossy dog, Lucky. Practiscore says that I’ve shot 140 matches during that time. It’s more like 180 matches. I’ve crisscrossed our country shooting matches towing my camper with dog and precious friends.

My scores don’t measure the real victories of competing in 3-Gun, shotgun, long range and pistol matches. My experiences do, however, and my cup overflows. One of my friends, also middle aged like me, said, “The first time I shot a 3-Gun match, I arrived at the range as a 57 year old, and left feeling like a 37-year-old.” This is the truth of the sport. If I can do this, you can too. Winning means being outside, forging the priceless friendships with the folks behind the industry and matches as well as my fellow competitors. A common thread between my sponsors, and me as a competitive shooter, is the idea that our sport teaches self-sufficiency, dependability, and personal responsibility. But most of all, you make something of yourself on and off the range by honing the notion that a good attitude that survives mudding, falling, sweating is the most steadfast trait of survivors as well as winners.

While I might not be speed racer, anyone who knows me knows that I run in heat, mud, hurricanes, and if my attitude doesn’t fail me? My gear better not fail me either. I have destroyed caddies, holsters, pants, guns, and parts of my body. So I’ve learned that if your stuff isn’t made by people who back it? If it’s a gun that’s persnickety and spoilt? It won’t be found in my gun cart. I’m thrilled beyond telling it to team with Obsidian Arms because Pat and Wade Wilson’s products and philosophy behind them embody all of the traits that are important to me. Obsidian is a family business, they make solid, accurate (and pretty) rifles, and they do what they say they will.

If you know me, you also know that I want everyone to have too much fun and Obsidian agreed to help me achieve that goal on the range. I will have my gorgeous rifle that shoots holes inside of holes on paper and another to share! I am already sharing these rifles with great reviews, and I’m looking so forward to being able to share these rifles with more of you at matches in 2019!!