Phillip Buys
Phillip BuysShooter
I’m just a guy that’s always enjoyed firearms and everything outdoors. My family is mostly veterans and I followed in step and joined the Marines after high school. I served in the infantry as a mortarman and forward observer, having all the opportunities to try out every weapon system and travel all over. After the Marines I bounced around trying to find my way and didn’t seem to like any jobs and new hobbies weren’t as exciting. I started working as a private military contractor and if I wasn’t working or traveling overseas, I was training in some way. Over a decade I learned so much from the military, friends and teammates about so many aspects and styles of shooting. Everyone has something to teach and because there are so many different directions you can go in the shooting world, there are so many topics to try to learn about.
I started shooting competitions sometime in 2018 while working at a local gun range. It wasn’t until October, 2020 that I really began to focus more on training properly and making goals for myself in competitions.
Originally I started shooting because a customer that became a friend of mine invited me to a USPSA match. With no gear of my own, I had to borrow my boss’ guns and gear. After I was introduced to the shooting community I knew I was hooked and wanted to stay in this great sport, so I started getting my own equipment right away.
My favorite thing about this sport is the variety of helpful people I meet at matches or on social media. I look forward to learning from all the other great shooters and meeting the awesome people that make this happen. As an Ambassador my goal is to continue to learn from the diverse community of shooters and share what I have to offer with anyone who has a passion for shooting.