Castle Nut Staking Tool


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  • S7 tool steel is heat treated for the right hardness and durability
  • Black Oxide finished for a rust-preventative coating
  • Designed to displace material 45 degrees from center.


  • Castle Nut Staking Tool

276 in stock

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Obsidian Arms takes pride in producing the Castle Nut Staking Tool, a premium-grade product crafted in the USA. With a lifetime warranty, users can rely on its durability and consistency. Manufactured from top-tier S7 tool steel and heat treated for optimal strength, this tool boasts longevity and reliability. Additionally, its black oxide finish provides a protective layer against rust.

Specifically designed for securing AR-15 castle nuts, this tool guarantees precision and effectiveness. By displacing material at a precise 45-degree angle from the center, it creates a steadfast lock, preventing loosening even under extreme vibration or stress. This level of assurance is invaluable, especially in critical firearm assemblies.

Investing in the Castle Nut Staking Tool means investing in superior quality and reliability. With its lifetime warranty, users can trust in its performance for years to come. Choose American-made excellence for peace of mind and confidence in your firearm maintenance endeavors.

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