X2S™ MOD-2

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  • Two-stage AR trigger
  • Minimal, user adjustable, 2 – 3 pound first stage
  • Minimal second stage wall with a 1 1/2 pound weight
  • Total 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 pound pull with green or red springs respectively
  • Distinct wall between first and second stages allows for effective “prepping” of the trigger for added control
  • Clean, effortless break
  • Weightless, imperceptible over-travel


  • Cam-Over Toggle Engine allows for lighter pull weights without losing hammer strike energy
  • Soft Start Lock-Up aids in eliminating rifle “flinch” after the break for more accurate shots at distance
  • Radical Sear Mechanics allow for the use of heavier hammer springs to aid in longevity and eliminating light primer strikes
  • Tactile Weightless Break means there is no mushy over-travel after the break
  • Curved trigger bow allows for the addition of our patented HIPERSHOE (sold separately here)
  • First stage slightly shorter than the MOD-1 design
  • Same sear design as its MOD-3 counterpart, but curved trigger bow with standard Maganese Phosphate coating

As with all of our products, our new X2S family of triggers are proudly made here in the United States, and protected by US patent. See our legal disclosures page for more information.

  • Application: AR15, AR10, AR9/PCC variants (including Sig Sauer MPX)
  • Trigger Type: Two-Stage, Semi-Drop-In
  • 1st Stage: Minimal, 2 – 3 pound pull with green or red springs respectively
  • 2nd Stage: Minimal “wall”, +1 1/2 pounds with either green or red springs
  • Total Pull Weight: 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 pounds with green or red springs respectively
  • User Adjustable: Yes
  • Trigger Bow: Curved, HIPERSHOE available
  • Finish: Black, Heavy Maganese Phosphate (mil-grade parkerizing)

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Our new X2S™ MOD-2 two-stage triggers feature the same technology that HIPERFIRE has become known for. Radical Sear Mechanics™, Cam-Over Toggle Engine™, Soft Start Lock-Up™, Tactile Weightless Break™, user adjustable pull weights, mil-grade components, and precision manufacturing processes come together to make one of the most robust two-stage triggers available today.

The X2S™ MOD-2 design has a shorter first stage than MOD-1 for a faster first stage prep. It shares the same sear geometry and performance as its MOD-3 counterpart, but has a curved trigger bow and a standard Maganese Phosphate coating.

HIPERFIRE® is simply unmatched in performance and reliability. We have broken all of the standards in single-stage AR triggers with our HIPERTOUCH® family, and now we have done the same in our new X2S™ family of two-stage triggers.

Whether you shoot competitively, train to defend yourself and your family, or you simply want to enjoy shooting out on the range, ensuring your rifle functions properly every time, without fail, is important.

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