Hiperfire Eclipse Competition and Sharpshooter Triggers

We are all on a journey to become something. To become someone.

From the day we’re put on this earth, what we are bound to become is very different than the existence we are born in to. We are destined to evolve. It is in our blood to change.

Being human is to become. Something bigger, something stronger, something better. To open our eyes and be aware that we are something new just by what we take in. What we experience.

To be, is simple. To become, takes action.

At HIPERFIRE, we didn’t set out to become something different. We set out to be true to ourselves and became something different in the process. We’re the result of the tireless pursuit of perfection. The outcome of a burning desire to innovate that can only be called a passion.

We understand where the firearms industry is today, and we’re ready to transform it.

It’s time to experience the new potential in performance.

It’s time to experience HIPERFIRE and Feel What You Become