Designed for:

  • Model: Any Sig Sauer P320 including X models
  • Frames: Any Sig Sauer P320 including X frames
  • Magazine:  Only the 9mm extended 21 round magazine
  • NOTE: The 17 round or smaller magazines will not work


  • Adds 1 round to 21 round magazine for a total of 22 rounds.
  • Fits in a 140mm gauge for competition shooting
  • Fits all Sig Sauer P320 Pistols when using a 21 round magazine.
  • Includes unique retainer plate
  • Suitable for 9mm
  • Tolerant of repeated dropping
  • Added weight aids in magazine release
  • Made from 6061 Aluminum
  • Black Hard Coat Anodizing, optional Gun Candy coating.
  • Made in USA

An improvement over the polymer OEM base pad, our P320 base pads are machined out of 6061 aluminum. They are much more tolerant of being dropped on rocky or cement surfaces for heavy tactical or competition use. The added weight of these base pads also aids the magazine in dropping free from the magazine tunnel for rapid and consistent reloads.  This base pad is specifically designed for the 9mm 21 round magazine.  It adds one to its total capacity for a total of 22 rounds using the factory spring and follower.  Still fits in a 140mm gauge for competition shooting.

All Gun Candy color options available, if you don’t see the color you want, please give us a call to order.


[00:00:05.05] – Hi, I’m Eric from Obsidian Arms

[00:00:07.07] and here to talk to you
about our new base pad

[00:00:10.01] that we just released for
the 21-round magazines.

[00:00:12.09] What it does is actually adds a round

[00:00:14.06] to the magazine which gives you

[00:00:15.09] a total of 22 in the magazine.

[00:00:18.03] And also, like our other magazines,

[00:00:22.02] is designed to add a little
bit of weight to the magazine

[00:00:25.00] as well, and gives you something to grip

[00:00:26.09] onto when pulling it out if need be.

[00:00:30.01] Again, it’s designed for the 21-round mag,

[00:00:32.05] which means it fits in all
of the P320 pistol options.

[00:00:38.00] I’ve been using it for the last

[00:00:40.04] half of the summer here in my X-Five,

[00:00:43.05] it also works with the mag
well, so, fits in there.

[00:00:48.02] Fits in your standard
full-size P320 as well,

[00:00:52.03] and then also, even though
it may stick out further,

[00:00:55.09] does fit in the compact and
sub-compact models as well.

[00:01:02.00] The other benefit to this base pad,

[00:01:05.09] comes apart easily, so basically press

[00:01:07.06] the button in the bottom, pull it apart.

[00:01:11.01] A lot of times you can do
it with just your fingers

[00:01:13.06] and most find something like a .223 round

[00:01:15.07] if you’re shooting 3-gun,

[00:01:17.00] but basically anything to
hit the button on there,

[00:01:18.09] pull it off, comes
apart for easy cleaning.

[00:01:22.01] And then disassembly so it allows you

[00:01:23.08] to clean your mags in between each stage

[00:01:26.00] and then get back into the game.

[00:01:29.00] These base pads are available

[00:01:31.04] in the standard anodized black finish,

[00:01:34.04] and then we’ve also started doing some

[00:01:36.07] other crazier colors
in the GunCandy finish,

[00:01:40.04] so we’ve got a very popular red here,

[00:01:42.04] and some of the other chameleon colors,

[00:01:44.07] but definitely go out to our website

[00:01:46.01] and check out the other
options that are out there.

[00:01:48.08] You’ll be able to find this base pad

[00:01:50.03] as well as some other
ones for the same P320,

[00:01:55.04] but basically make sure
to go out to our website,

[00:01:58.02] check ’em out and then also be sure

[00:02:00.00] to sign up for our mailing list

[00:02:02.08] so that you can be notified

[00:02:04.01] once we have new products
coming out online,

[00:02:06.09] and you’ll be the first to see those.