Selecting the perfect Obsidian Arms Muzzle Device for your AR15


[00:00:06.02] – Hi, I’m Eric with Obsidian Arms.

[00:00:08.05] Talking about our different brakes and

[00:00:11.04] flash headers that we offer.

[00:00:13.04] The first one, .223 brake here

[00:00:16.02] with your standard bee blast finish.

[00:00:18.02] And then, also, have a .30
cal flash hider as well,

[00:00:21.05] that has a black Teflon finish.

[00:00:23.07] And then, we also have a couple different

[00:00:26.02] brake options as well.

[00:00:27.09] We’ve got our .223 size brake.

[00:00:31.00] Very popular.

[00:00:32.00] Put on all of our competition rifles,

[00:00:34.05] basically this is
designed to reduce recoil

[00:00:37.09] and get you back on target.

[00:00:40.00] Also, off of the same thing,

[00:00:42.00] in bee blast finish as well,

[00:00:44.04] and then also offer
these in .30 cal as well.

[00:00:49.01] And then, we also carry
our big-bore brakes,

[00:00:52.09] called the colossus brakes.

[00:00:54.08] Both of them are available in
the standard bee blast finish

[00:00:59.03] and your black Teflon.

[00:01:00.08] We offer the .45 cal and also the .50 cal

[00:01:03.08] in these model of brakes.

[00:01:05.03] And they’re specifically
designed to manage the recoil

[00:01:08.04] of the big-bore calibers.

[00:01:11.02] Be sure to check these out
and get on our mailing list

[00:01:15.01] for any future items that
might be coming your way.

[00:01:18.00] Basically you can find
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