Obsidian Arms Satern Barrels for AR15 and AR10 Platforms. Satern’s LIBERTY BARRELS® are unrivaled in the marketplace.


[00:00:05.08] – Hello everyone.

[00:00:07.01] Here with Obsidian Arms.

[00:00:09.01] I’m here to talk to you guys
about our barrel selection.

[00:00:13.02] We carry the Satern barrels.

[00:00:15.09] And we have everything from .223,

[00:00:19.00] 300 blackout, 6.5 grendel,

[00:00:21.08] 6.8 spc,

[00:00:23.05] the new .224 valkyrie.

[00:00:25.05] And then we also carry the big bore lines.

[00:00:27.05] Such as the 450 bushmaster,

[00:00:29.03] the 458 socom and the 12.7 by 42.

[00:00:34.03] We also have muzzle breaks
to go with each of those.

[00:00:37.07] So this is an example of
our big bore muzzle brake.

[00:00:41.03] It comes in black teflon
or bead blast finish.

[00:00:45.02] Both are stainless steel.

[00:00:47.02] Goes on the big bore
barrels, which also come…

[00:00:51.00] Are also all stainless steel,
with a standard turn finish.

[00:00:54.08] Or, have a black teflon finish

[00:00:56.09] like you see here on these ones.

[00:01:00.04] The 6.5 grendel.

[00:01:02.03] The 6.8 spc.

[00:01:04.02] The .224 valkyrie.

[00:01:06.04] The 450 bushmaster, 458
socom, and the 12.7 by 42

[00:01:10.07] also all come with a head
space bolt with the barrel.

[00:01:15.06] So be sure to note that
when looking at them.

[00:01:18.08] We also have muzzle brakes
for our .223 and .30 cal

[00:01:23.00] line of barrels as well.

[00:01:24.09] Make sure to check out
our Facebook and Instagram

[00:01:28.02] and then also head out to our website

[00:01:32.01] obsidian arms.com and be sure
to get on our mailing list.