• Made from 4140 alloy steel
  • Heat treated
  • QPQ finish


  • 1/16″ Starter Punch
  • 1/16″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 5/64″ Starter Punch
  • 5/64″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 3/32″ Starter Punch
  • 3/32″ Roll Pin Punch
  • 3/32″ Flat Sided Punch for the bolt catch pin
  • 1/8″ Starter Punch
  • 1/8″ Roll Pin Punch
  • Delrin Punch for starting trigger and hammer pins as well as pushing out take down and hinge pins.
  • Small Drift Pin for positioning the trigger and hammer in a lower for easy installation.


Based on the feedback from customers, our armorers, and other armorers in the industry we have made improvements to our prior punch set. This new set now has all the punches to assemble and disassemble an AR-15 upper and lower, including all its sub components. Like our prior punch set this one also has a life time warranty, if you break a punch, let us know and we will send you a new one.


[00:00:06.01] – Hi, I’m Eric with Obsidian
Arms here today to talk

[00:00:08.09] to you about the Obsidian Arms Punch Set.

[00:00:10.09] This punch set is the best punch set

[00:00:12.08] on the market for building AR-15s.

[00:00:15.01] This has the exact punches that you need

[00:00:17.01] for fully assembling your
rifle without having to buy two

[00:00:21.02] to three different sets
just to pick out the one

[00:00:24.03] or two punches that you need
from each set and also comes

[00:00:28.03] at a very affordable price.

[00:00:30.06] Let’s take a look and
see what’s in the kit.

[00:00:37.02] The first punch set, the
smallest one, we have

[00:00:40.08] a 1/16th-inch starter punch
here, and then we also have

[00:00:48.04] a 1/16th finishing punch, we also have

[00:00:53.02] the 5/16ths starter
punch as well, and then

[00:00:57.04] the finishing punch for that as well,

[00:01:00.07] and then we move into the 3/32nd punches.

[00:01:05.02] We have a standard punch,
and then we also have

[00:01:09.09] the starter punch, and then
also in this size we have

[00:01:13.03] our specialty punch which
is designed specifically

[00:01:16.06] for taking down the bolt
catch on the receiver.

[00:01:21.05] So we can see that we have a
flat side which actually allows

[00:01:24.01] you to reach and actually hit
the pin at the proper angle.

[00:01:31.08] And then the largest set, we
have the 1/8th size starter

[00:01:35.03] and finishing punch, and then we also have

[00:01:37.09] a couple specialty tools
that you won’t find

[00:01:40.04] in any other punch sets designed
specifically for the AR-15.

[00:01:45.01] The first one is the Delrin punch.

[00:01:47.06] This Delrin punch is just sized
to take down and hinge pins.

[00:01:54.01] It also has a recess in
the back for the right size

[00:01:57.06] for your trigger and hammer pins.

[00:02:01.06] And then the last piece is
a small drift pin designed

[00:02:06.00] to starting your trigger and
hammer pins when installing

[00:02:10.06] into the lower receiver.